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Our Greenhouse has been locally growing vegetable, bedding plants and perennials for 90 years. We have 28 greenhouses that are used in the products of our annuals, vegetables, perennials, succulents, and house plants. We are always in a state of production, whether it's January getting ready to start vegetables, to the end of July getting poinsettias started for the Christmas Season. We are truly a year round greenhouse.

Our Greenhouse staff has over 120 years of combined experience and take great pride in growing the best plant material in Western North Dakota. We use only the best seed sources and parent plants for cuttings. 

Have some annual pots but don't feel like potting them, we can do it for you. We can even pick up your pots. Need pottery, we have that covered too. We offer seasonal options for your pots, so you can always have a touch of color for your house.

Is your garden or plants looking sad. Our expert staff can help you get them back to thriving plants in no time. We love to talk plants, so stop on down and ask for help from one of our Greenhouse experts. 

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