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Our Nursery started in Spring of 1984. We offer a large selection of North Dakota hardy shrubs and trees that are sourced from northern climates which have very similar winters as North Dakota. From evergreens trees and shrubs, fruiting trees and shrubs, and deciduous trees and shrubs with a wide selection of sizes to fit most budgets. 

Not all nursery stock is created equal. Acclimation plays a key role into plant survival. A plant may have the necessary winter hardiness needed for a certain area, however if it wasn't grown in a similar climate it will be planted in it will have a hard time acclimating to its new climate. It's not much different from a person who lives in the deep south moving to North Dakota, they struggle to adjust to our harsh winters, especially that 1st winter. The stress of that acclimation period is often enough to kill a plant. That's why is very important to know where plant material you are purchasing is grown.      

Buying trees and shrubs can be seen as a long term investment. As a tree or shrub grows in size and maturity it also increases it's net worth. Yes trees and shrubs actually have a market value. More and more the benefits that trees and shrubs provide are being assigned a dollar value. From heating and cooling cost, storm water run off and beautification are just some attributes have a dollar value. Properties that have trees and shrubs on them routinely sell for higher amounts than similar properties without trees and shrubs. Trees have the highest dollar growth potential for plant material. A properly planted and cared for shade tree could easily see a growth from a $100 value at the time of planting to $20,000 over 30-40 years.   

Our expert sales staff has over 100 years combined experience with stablishing and growing North Dakota hardy trees and shrubs. We even have International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist on staff. So stop on by or call if you have questions.

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